Your Guide to Handbags

Do you know all the names for different handbag styles? Become a pro in no time with our “handy” Handbag Guide!

From the bucket bag, to the quilted bag, to the messenger bag, your handbag is no doubt a staple in your wardrobe.

It’s no wonder! How else are we supposed to carry our life around with us on a daily basis?

The perfect bag can be a woman’s best friend!  You spend so much time together, and she knows the intimate details of your life, about all the loose change and empty candy wrappers at the bottom of your purse.

So treat your handbag friend with the care she deserves!

Here’s a crash-course in handbag styles, so you can find your favorite and most useful/versatile style!


Whether it’s for work, or a night out, this Mansur Gavriel Camello Mini Bucket Bag has redefined this classic and sturdy look.

Mansur Gavriel Camello Mini Bucketbag via Shop Under
Authentic Mansur Gavriel Camello Mini Bucket Bag; Photo via Shop Under

Flap Closure Handbag

Easy access to all your important documents, the flap closure is common for most purses, including our Gucci Black Sylvie Shoulder Bag.

Authentic Gucci Black Sylvie Shoulder Bag; Photo via Shop Under

The Messenger Bag

Versatile, practical, and of course, chic, the messenger bag is a universal fashion staple. Our best-selling Celine Black Box Bag is no exception!

Authentic Celine Box Bag in Black; Photo via Shop Under


Thanks to Chanel, the quilted purse has been recreated time and time again. This Givenchy Black Quilted Pandora Wallet evolves Chanel’s design with a trendy silver metal chain.

Authentic Givenchy Black Quilted Pandora Wallet; Photo via Shop Under

Saddle Bag

Saddle bags aren’t just for horses anymore! You don’t have to be an equestrian to rock this Chloé Caramel Hudson Bag!

Chloé Caramel Hudson Bag; Photo via Shop Under


Upgraded from the vintage school bag, the best-selling Givenchy Antigona Teal Blue Satchel Bag continues to be on-trend.

Authentic Givenchy Teal Blue Antigona Satchel Bag; Photo via Shop Under

Tote Bag

Professionalism will exude from you the moment you wrap your fingers around the handle of this immaculate YSL Rive Gauche Beige Tote.

Authentic Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Beige Tote; Photo via Shop Under

Trapeze Bag

There are only a couple inches more on each side, but this Celine Dune Trapeze Bag is innovative and fun! We love the shape and the extra storage space, too!

Authentic Celine Dune Trapeze Bag; Photo via Shop Under

The best part? All these bags are available here. Just a quick click away!

The Bucket bag is my jam! What’s yours?

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