Winter Warehouse Sale 2018

This Sale Comes But Once A Year!!!

Time For Epic Savings

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, on Friday, December 7th, Saturday, December 8th,  and Sunday, December 9th, ShopUnder is having its epic Winter Warehouse Sale, and this is something that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Also, if you read all the way to the end of this blog post, you’ll discover a little-hidden surprise that we’ll have in store for all our patrons who will come pay us a visit during the sale.

Why, you would ask naturally, can you simply not afford to miss out on this sale? Because, just as simply, nearly all of our high-end luxury apparel is going to be discounted like never before.

We’re talking up to 80% off on a whole bunch of different items, running the gamut from handbags to glasses, footwear, and outerwear.

All of Your Favorite Designers 


At ShopUnder we only deal in haute-couture labels, like Christian Louboutin, Saint-Laurent, Burberry, D&G, Givenchy and lots of other luxury European brands. You know the kind. You’ve seen them before in storefronts and windows, on TV, in the movies, or in a Youtube video or ad.  And even if you only caught a glance of that sought-after luxury item, like a Celine handbag for instance, or a pair of McQueen pumps, the design, materials, and overall look, are just so amazing that it almost always leaves a lasting imprint on your mind.

Here’s a little coupon you can present in-person at our warehouse sale! Limit 1 per customer.

Without a doubt, the largest obstacle between these luxury fashion items and the person who so desires them is the price point. Let’s not kid ourselves, most people, (and if you don’t fall into this category then good for you!) do not regularly buy luxury items. Their cost can be entirely prohibitive, often ranging in the thousands of dollars. For most folk, the cost of a single designer handbag is easily equivalent to a month’s rent for their housing. Sometimes it’s equivalent to multiple month’s rent!

That’s why you can’t afford to miss out on ShopUnder’s Winter Warehouse Sale. You’re never going to be able to find such prices on luxury items such as these. Can you imagine getting a Marni Handbag for just a few hundred dollars? Or a Versace jacket at a fraction of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price? ShopUnder can help you fulfill your wishes and dreams this winter season with our epic sale.

The Sales Never Stop at ShopUnder


Even though we just had our Black Friday sale, which was a resounding success, (and not just for our little e-commerce business, but also for anyone who managed to snag themselves a great deal), the season demands more sales! It’s no secret that the winter season that builds up to the holidays, is a time when people splurge on others and on themselves! And why not, really? After a long year of working hard, we all deserve a little something special. A little taste of luxury, which is made up of equal parts insightful and unique artistic design, as well as high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

There is, however, a significant difference between our upcoming Winter Warehouse sale and all the other sales we have throughout the year, which are mostly online. And that difference is, you’re invited to our warehouse and you can see, touch, and try on these items before purchasing!

If you’ve ever ordered any kind of clothing online in the past, and especially if you’ve ordered clothing online multiple times, you know that it’s entirely within the realm of possibilities that the item you so desired does not deliver exactly what you had in mind. Even though most sites and online vendors like ShopUnder provide ample photos and sizing information, nothing can really compare to seeing and trying on the item in person. There are some augmented reality apps, that will allow you to see what certain items might look pictures of you, and while that’s a super cool move forward thanks to technology, it still isn’t the same thing. And by coming in, you’ll be removing the risk entirely of having to wait for an item to arrive, only to find out that it doesn’t quite fit, or doesn’t quite have the same look, feel of vibe, and then having to return the item and pay the restocking fees, etc.

If you’re not entirely familiar with what we have to offer at ShopUnder, you should definitely pay a visit to our site. And if you think that ShopUnder only caters to the ladies, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that we also have a whole range of products that been specifically designed for men. Some of our top-sellers for men include watches and sunglasses, but we also have some luxury brand footwear like Louis Vuitton sneakers, Givenchy blazers, and Versace jackets.  

Here’s a little breakdown of the kind of stock we carry and what you can expect to find at our Winter Warehouse sale that’s taking place on Friday, December 7th, Saturday, December 8th, and Sunday, December 9th.



If there’s one item that ShopUnder takes pride in stocking, it has got to be our wide range of handbags. These handbags are nothing less than works of art, and they’re all from your favorite designers like Saint-Laurent, Gucci, and Marni. We’ve got all sorts of bags too. There’s shoulder straps, handbags, backpacks, clutch purses and lots more. These are all super sturdy and hard-wearing, as a result of their superior craftsmanship and materials. And of course, they’ll do wonders for your outfit!



ShopUnder has got so many different kinds of luxury eye wear, ranging from opticals with interchangeable lenses, reading glasses, and of course sunglasses! Our sunglasses are amazingly stylish, and are from name-brand that you know and recognize like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and Porsche Design.






Shoes! No matter how many you have, it’s never enough. And we’ve got tons of high-end luxury shoes that you’re going to love. From Louboutins to Chanel, heels, boots, and flats, ShopUnder has got your need for beautiful shoes covered!



If one thing’s for sure, it’s that there’s no shortage of elegant timepieces here at ShopUnder. Whether you’re into Michael Kors or Tissot, we’ve got multiple different models for both men and women.








Currently in stock, we have a range of jackets and outwear for both men and women. There’s Moncler’s that have arrived just in time for winter and various Versace models that look good at any point during the year.  

So you have all of that to look forward to! And they’re all at discounted prices that’ll make you feel like the holidays have a little early. So be sure to drop by and pay us a visit on Friday, December 7th, Saturday, December 8th, and Sunday, December 9th, and we’ll be there, not only to show you around but also to help you with any of your questions and concerns.

Also, we’ll be raffling off one luxury handbag , a Chloe Faye backpack, and this contest is FREE for anyone who comes into our warehouse sale. All you have to do is show up and write your name and email address. 


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