What To Wear: Mother’s Day Brunch Edition

Be the most elegant Mother-Daughter duo at brunch this weekend!

Do you have the event planned, your Mother’s Day gift ready, but not sure what to wear?

Don’t fret, because we’re here to save the day with some fashion tips!

Whether it’s brunch, or afternoon tea, or a casual stroll around town this Mother’s Day weekend, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s some style inspiration from our favorite fashionistas:

1. The Pajama Pantsuit

Chic and effortless! Who would’ve thought? Just roll out of bed, pop on a pair of high heels and voila, you’re ready to spend the day with Mom!

Gigi Hadid; Photo via Vogue.com

How To Accessorize:

You don’t! And that’s the best part! With this outfit, the look itself is already vibrant and out-there, so all that is required is a pair of elegant high-heeled sandals, like these by Jimmy Choo.

2. The Whimsical White

There really is nothing more elegant – and scarier to keep clean – than white. Perfect for Mother’s Day, but beware of anything that can cause the deadly stain!  Feel extra confident with a Tide To Go stick in your handbag.

Jennifer Lopez; Photo via Vogue.com

How To Accessorize:

A bold bag, like our Chloe Drew Bag in blue, and a pair of white Christian Dior pumps.

The pop of color will give your immaculate all-white ensemble the brightness it deserves!

3. The Millennial Pink Jumpsuit

If you were hoping for a more toned-down look, with just a dash of Spring, try a jumpsuit in millennial pink!

Jenna Lyons; Photo via Vogue.com

How To Accessorize:

You’ve got the totally trendy base color. Now all you need is a classic Givenchy Pandora black quilted wallet!

Not only can you now enjoy Mother’s Day with your best friend, but you’ll be looking chic and Mom-approved in your gorgeous getup!

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How will you dress this Mother’s Day?

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Wondering if my pajama onesie will work this weekend,