Ten Fashion Tips for the Fall

As the fall weather is beginning to roll in, that means that fall fashion has arrived in all of its glory. Before you get ready to begin your shopping trip though, keep in mind these ten fashion tips for the fall. These could very well save you some money and give you some ideas on how to layer past fashions with the latest styles.

Showing a little shoulder

Off-shoulder tops proved to be a big hit this summer and it looks like they may be here to stay for the fall as well. Instead of short-sleeves with lighter colours and fabrics though, trade these in for long-sleeve tops in more bold colours. Watch out for the colder fall days!

The choker trend done tastefully

Chokers are in. Consider a thin, silky version to keep you comfortable in the pre-winter weather.

Keep it a tan hue this fall

That warm, toffee-colored tan hue common in the fall has returned on sweaters, leather bags, shoes, and more this season. Consider keeping it dark and tanned, head to toe. This gives plenty of different options you can use to keep yourself warm for the weather that may come.

Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots have been in style all year and this trend is not set to disappear anytime soon. Available in any price range, not all women will be able to pull off this look depending on their height but for those that can, get yourself to the shoe store immediately to add a pair of over-the-knee boots to your collection.

Floral print on dark fabric

This fall, get a dark, romantic take on a women’s classic with floral print on a dark fabric. The smaller the flower, the more iconic the statement.


Though ruffles are typically spring/summer wear, designers have adapted the ruffled look over black satin, textured chartreuse, and in similar applications, creating a unique fall look that has caught on with many buyers.

White sneakers are still a classic

Those that are looking for something a little less dressed up, the casual white sneakers still make for a nice addition to any outfit and can be juxtaposed with more expensive wear should you choose.

Puffer outerwear, coats, and vests

Those that are going for more of a sporty vibe can dig into some of the puffer outerwear available on the market. Keeping you comfy and toasty in the coldest of weather, you can pair a puffer with a stylish evening gown or simply wear it on your way to somewhere a little more casual.

Keep those deep reds and purples coming

Those rich, jewel tones in red and purple continue to shock and awe. There’s nothing sexier than a wine-colored suede dress or a deep purple manicure or even something a little more adventurous for the fall.

Velvet in the style of the Renaissance

Rich velvet corsets and wide sleeves are very popular in many fashion circles right now as they re-purpose this age-old style. Add a dressy, luxurious and soft touch to any outfit by blending in velvet wear for the fall season.

These ten fashion tips for the fall provide you with a basis for your shopping this season. Be sure to keep to what works for you and don’t be afraid to mix it up with new trends in the months to come.