Celine Box Bag

Whether you’re a novice when it comes to the world of high-fashion accessories or a seasoned veteran in all things designer, chances are that the name Celine has come across your radar more than once. Now a staple in the international fashion scene, this Parisienne label has climbed the ranks of coveted labels and has transformed it’s cult following into a global phenomenon. Known for its role in the minimalist fashion movement, Celine champions contemporary aesthetics with a nod towards classic design fundamentals that few fashion houses have managed to execute with such grace. And what better example of an understated statement-piece than the Celine Box Bag.

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The Ultimate Celine Handbag Guide

From Louis Vuitton to Coco Chanel, the French are notorious for highbrow fashion and few brands say chic quite like Celine. Founded in 1945, the ubiquitous Parisienne label has since garnered an international following who covet one object like no other—the Celine handbag. The epitome of sophistication when it comes to the world of accessories, the Celine collection of handbags ranges in sizes, looks, colours, and cuts, but one thing remains a constant—undeniable style. Continue reading “The Ultimate Celine Handbag Guide”