Pantsuits: For Work And Play

From the nine to five grind to cocktail hour, get all your fashion needs covered with the perfect pantsuit.

Historically, the pantsuit hasn’t always had such a good rep.

When your bad reputation precedes you, it’s often hard to make a comeback (hey, not everyone is like Britney Spears).

However, all it takes is for one person (often a celebrity) to do something to bring a fashion trend back to prominence.

The pantsuit has been known for years and years as the stiff, masculine-looking, corporate outfit for women (check out the history here).

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent pantsuit; Photo via Reg Lancaster/Getty Images

Nowadays that is all changing, and the menswear-inspired trend is so much more! Fashion is putting women first and evolving the once dowdy pantsuit into a powerful, sexy, and glamorous ensemble.


Bare it all in an all-black Gucci tux with a seductive decolletage and simple monotone accessories.

Olivia Wilde in Gucci; Photo via

Create a bold pop with vivid  colors in a bright red Michael Kors pantsuit and black strappy heeled sandals.

Blake Lively in Michael Kors; Photo via

Put all the pieces of the pattern together and go all out in this Gucci floral print.

Alexa Chung in Gucci; Photo via

Bustier: check. Satin collar: check. Funky Brooches: check. Bring the glamour to the red carpet in a pale blue Marc Jacobs ensemble.

Carey Mulligan in Marc Jacobs; Photo via Getty Images

Go way down to the casual level with a Tommy Hilfiger striped pantsuit and white crop top.

Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger; Photo via

Before it gets so hot that your main accessory is your sweat beads glistening off your skin, try the upgraded feminine pantsuit! Great for work, play, and an evening out!

We have a wide array of designer accessories for all the different pantsuit styles!

How do you wear your pantsuit?

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