Guys, what do your sunglasses say about you?


Guys, your sunglasses are one of the first things that are noticed in outdoor encounters (unless you’re the douchebag  wearing your sunglasses inside) and therefore set the tone. Find out what your sunglasses might be saying about you.



Life moves pretty fast and these glasses let people know you’re down for the ride. None of this uptight nonsense, you Continue reading “Guys, what do your sunglasses say about you?”

The best shades for your face shape

Summer may be nearing an end but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun accessorizing our look with sunglasses. Not sure which styles would best suit your face shape? Ladies and gents, we’ve got you covered.


Heart-shaped face:

You likely have a broader brow and a narrow chin. You’ll want glasses that direct attention downward or elongate your look by adding width to Continue reading “The best shades for your face shape”

Givenchy Meets New York Fashion Week


For all you fashion-obsessed, you know that Fashion Week is a BIG deal and New York Fashion Week is the biggest deal of them all. This is the first year the french haute couture label has participated in NYFW and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know they’re making headlines.

In case you didn’t love Givenchy already, here are 8 reasons why you Continue reading “Givenchy Meets New York Fashion Week”