Trade Your Heels For A Pair Of Flats This Holiday Season

Chicness just got a lot more comfortable!

We’ve all been there: trying to enjoy our evening, dancing away, but can’t seem to brush off the intense pain resonating from the balls of our feet.

Heels, while full of poise and grace, are feet killers!

This year, opt out of heels and strut your stuff in relaxed, yet oh-so-fancy-schmancy flats!

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Green With Envy

Who doesn’t want to match all the falling colors?

With the cold wind chills arriving slightly earlier than anticipated, it’s clear that we need to brace ourselves for winter with the right accessories!

It may be time to say TTFN to our beloved pastels and cutesy prints, but that just means we can welcome neutrals back into our wardrobe.

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Say Hello To Our Newest Arrivals: Céline Sunglasses

Time to re-watch the Matrix in style!

2017 fashions have brought so many “blasts from the past” I can’t remember if I wore that particular style when I was 12, or a couple days ago.

One of these many trends is of course the retro Matrix sunglasses, otherwise known as the small, sci-fi, futuristic looking shades we all wore back in the 90’s.

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