See The World Through Colored Glasses

Change your perspective with a fresh pair of tinted sunglasses, the hot new celebrity trend this Spring & Summer.

Going way, waaaay back to the 70’s, this tinted sunglasses trend has stood the test of time, and continues to come back in style, like some of our favorite trends tend to do.

Personally, if I had known that this trend would come back, I never would have thrown away my purple-lensed aviators.  But I digress…

Colored lenses aren’t new to the celebrity fashion circuit.

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Top 5 Must-Wear Easter Trends

A Touch of Yellow Set on Polyvore via Shop Under, featuring motty grey Chloe Faye bag

No need to search long and far for the best Spring outfit this Easter weekend.

Whether you’re going away or having a staycation, this Easter holiday marks the first long weekend of spring.

Finally, after a brutal winter, we can pack away our heavy coats and wear our bright and pastel colors!

Since you are all so incredibly excited for the much-needed break, I have prepared outfits for you. Who said life can’t be hassle free?

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Dress For the Past, Marry For The Future

Vintage Bride Set on Polyvore via Shop Under

And you thought choosing a partner was easy…

Even though the Spring weather hasn’t yet graced us with its presence, wedding season is slowly creeping into the limelight.

And when you’re marrying the love of your life, technically nothing else should matter.

Except for the fact that all eyes will be on you… and your wedding dress ensemble!

If you’re like me, you’re thinking of creating a bridal look that’s vintage classic, with a touch of eccentricity.

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Mismatched Shoes: The Height of Spring Fashion

There’s no doubt about it, Carrie Bradshaw was – and still is – a fashion icon.

Carrie’s metamorphosis into the leader of all fashionistas had some of the craziest, yet most stylish outfits in fashion during the run of the cult classic series on HBO.

In the Sex and the City episode in early 2000, Carrie rocked a look that was so subtle, and so chic, that it’s now back in style this season!

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Steal Her Style: Top 5 Cara Delevingne Looks

Look like Cara Delevingne’s style twin with these simple fashion tricks.

She may have quit modeling a couple years back, but Cara Delevingne will never stop flaunting her superior fashion sense and her highly sought-after celebrity wardrobe.

What really makes this model-turned-actress shine is her ability to literally take any trend and rock it with her confidence. 

And the best part?

Her looks can easily be worn by us “normal” folks!

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Passionate About Prints: How To Mix & Match Bold Patterns

Take your minimalist look and maximize it to the nth degree!

The cat is out of the bag, and honestly, it’s not really headline news.

For the longest time, fashion avoided mixing contrasting prints and patterns. The bold style was instead paired with a neutral color that brought out the existing hues.

However, now that the secret is out, we can all go crazy for prints!

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Our Fave Shades For Sunny Days

Find the perfect shape of sunglasses to look cool, in and out of the sun.

Before you can say, “man, it’s hot out today”, the Sun’s rays will be blinding you.

So it’s high time to get yourself the perfect sunglasses that will make you look – and feel – cool under the hot sun!

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