Mother’s Day: The Rewards of Giving Back

Celebrating the many joys of motherhood, Mother’s Day is the one holiday which provides us an opportunity to pay tribute to the most important person in our lives.  How can you pay one back for being there to console and comfort us during our darkest hours? Does buying some flowers really repay the hours and hours of love and dedication a mother freely pours over her children?

It is universally accepted that to genuinely understand the joys and heartbreaks of motherhood, one must be a mother. The question is, how does one go about repaying the sleepless nights and hours of dedication and hard work involved in properly raising a child with unconditional love and care? Of course, this is left up to each individual to determine how mom will most effectively enjoy spending her day in the sun.

The purpose here is not to give you suggestions on how to properly pamper and take care of that irreplaceable person in your life. Instead, the mission of this article is to reinforce the fact that mommy dearest should never be taken for granted and should be appreciated on a year-round basis.

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Love is like a plant; it requires nourishing to keep it alive so it can effectively grow and foster. The bond between a mother and a child is unquestionably the strongest human bond which exists. Ironically, as time advances, the responsibility is placed on the child to pay back the favor and take care of mom in her later years. In the big picture, Mother’s Day is just one day of 365 where the unbreakable genetic bond between these most inseparable of blood relatives must be reaffirmed and reinforced. So what does mother really want for her big day? First and foremost, a loving mom wants her children to be healthy and prosperous. Any residuals which come after that are seen as an added blessing.


Chances are your mother is not looking for a Chanel Double Flap Bag or a pair of Valentino Sandals. Although, if she did receive such generous gifts, she will not forego them.

More than likely, mom just wants you to spend time with her, talk with her and ask her questions that you never had a chance to ask before. If you take the initiative, you may be surprised to find out she will be quite delighted to share her wisdom on the most important job on the planet: motherhood. Although from a financial standpoint being a mother is a non-paying job, the rewards are priceless.

This Mother’s Day, let’s give mom what she deserves – genuine recognition for being the most indispensable person in our lives. Saying I love you and thank you to mom for everything she instinctively does on a 24/7 basis not have to be expensive. It just requires giving a fraction back of what she has given to you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. As cliche as it sounds, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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