Creating Your Own Fashion DIY Style

Fashion enthusiasts love to keep up to date with everything that is available on the fashion circuit. Often the top items come with a hefty price tag as luxury clothing and accessories do not come cheap, however making a statement with fashion does not have to be an expensive hobby. High end fashion and styles worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid can be easily substituted with your own fashion DIY style by recreating items in your wardrobe. If the right items are purchased, anyone can mix designer pieces with their own personal style to create an amazingly desirable look.

Taking a good look at your wardrobe; you are sure to find fashion pieces that can be recreated into the latest trends without the price tag. A plain t-shirt can be easily transformed into a cute crop like those worn by supermodel Gigi Hadid with a few simple alterations. Or, if you don’t want to get creative with your own wardrobe, easily turn an oversized shirt into an off the shoulder dress suitable for day or night.

Using materials such as lace, beads and other fabrics, your imagination is your limit when it comes to DIY. Whether it is a piece of clothing you want to spruce up or an accessory, DIY will allow you to bring out your creative side.

Choosing a statement piece to go with your new DIY outfit will help give it that designer touch every girl loves to have. A simple look can be transformed with that special item whether it be with a pair of shoes, a stylish watch or designer handbag. It is pieces like those from Givenchy, Celine and Dior designer handbags that will complete your look and make heads turn. Without paying the hefty price tags, Shopunder will give you endless choices of accessories to help make any outfit complete.

Do It Yourself fashion is all about your own style and putting together what looks great. As a society, we are all recreating fashion and what it is all about. We at Shopunder take pride in the endless possibilities of how each item is worn and how those who purchase it make it their own. Fashion is for everyone and is open to interpretation no matter how big or small someone is willing to spend. Making your outfit the epitome of standing out and making a statement. That is truly what fashion is all about.