Celine Box Bag

Whether you’re a novice when it comes to the world of high-fashion accessories or a seasoned veteran in all things designer, chances are that the name Celine has come across your radar more than once. Now a staple in the international fashion scene, this Parisienne label has climbed the ranks of coveted labels and has transformed it’s cult following into a global phenomenon. Known for its role in the minimalist fashion movement, Celine champions contemporary aesthetics with a nod towards classic design fundamentals that few fashion houses have managed to execute with such grace. And what better example of an understated statement-piece than the Celine Box Bag.

A fan favourite since its conception in 2011, the Celine Box Bag has returned each season in new variations, driving collectors and fashion savants wild with desire to hold the latest and the greatest. A low key bag with a big wow factor, the Box Bag is a must have for every fashionista’s wardrobe, confirming its position as one of the most iconic Celine bags by former creative director and fashion legend, Phoebe Philo. Known for her effortlessly chic aesthetic, the looks and accessories achieved under the reign of Phoebe Philo have garnered well-deserved acclaim over the years, resulting in a never-ending demand of accessories from Celine to fill the hands of all with a penchant for fashion. Year after year, the Celine Box Bag wins over onlookers with it’s casual elegance and structurally practical nature. The perfect bag to carry with you for years–clearly a wise investment if you’re looking to splurge.

Perfectly crafted in smooth calfskin, the Celine Box Bag stays true to its name with a box-like silhouette and features a single strap so that that handbag can be worn over the shoulder or held like a clutch. Available in three sizes, a large which measures 30 by 25 centimeters, a medium which measures 23 by 20 centimeters or small which is 18 by 13 centimeters, the Box Bag is a day bag that can effortlessly adapt to your night look regardless of which size preference you may have. Offered in exotic skins such as crocodile and lizard, the everyday purse can also be acquired in a mink fur version for the truly lavish at heart. Textured or smooth, plain black or in a variety of neutral tones from sand brown to cobalt blue, the Box purse comes in a variety perfectly suited to anyone and everyone with an eye for style. Finished off with a gold-toned buckle closure and hardware, the small, elegant purse resembles a briefcase designed for practical women that want to bring luxury to their day to day lives.

Spotted on supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio, the Celine Box Bag is notorious for its versatility by all those in business. From movie stars to pop icons, the Box Bag has been seen both on and off the runway hanging on the side of the world’s most recognizable figures. Often seen starting at the $5,100 mark, it’s no surprise to see the rich and famous sporting this low key luxury item on a day to day basis. For those of us itching to clutch the Box Bag for ourselves, online discount retailers are an option as well as second-hand versions. Grabbing a preloved model is a real option for those on a tighter budget, but due to its never ending demand, second-hand Box Bags are still not exactly a bargain but a true investment for those with bags on the brain. Also, it must be said that due to their popularity, copycats are often circulated and counterfeit bags are a real issue in the Celine universe–so be wary of where you buy and at what cost.

Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want too much to rifle through in the morning, the Celine Box Bag is the most exquisite no-nonsense option for the practical minded. Whether it’s for a quick run to the corner store or a full day at the office, a casual get-together or elegant evening out, the Celine Box Bag has you covered on all accounts. Classic and timeless, the handbag can be worn in combination with your favourite boyfriend jeans for a casual, everyday look that’s taken to new heights with the contemporary accessory, or pair with a set of stunning heels and a blazer for a look that exudes confidence and a contemporary attitude. The Celine Box Bag has your back–regardless of what else you’re wearing.


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