Celine Bags for All Occasions: Find the Right One for You

The unique beauty of a Celine handbag is not only it’s appeal in terms of wearable high-fashion, but also it’s function. Namely Celine’s iconic Belt Bag, the perfect handbag to take from day to night, it also comes in small and medium sizes to house all your needs for the following 24-hours.

The Original Celine Belt Bag

Celine for Everyday  

Looking for more? We can’t say that bigger always means better, but in the case of the Phantom Luggage Bag, Big Bag, and Large Tote we are quite confident that the idiom remains true. A statement to say the least, these bags from Celine are there for the bag lady in all of us, carrying everything we could possibly need in absolute style.

Celine Medium Phantom
Celine Big Bag

Celine for Work

From home to the office, a good work bag is essential for every nine-to-five—and Celine has you covered when the workweek gets hectic. Add structure to your day with the Celine Tri-Fold Bag, which features three compartments, all drawn together with elegant leather laces—a visionary bag bringing the best of both world’s, luxury and function.

Celine Tri Fold Black
Celine Tri Fold Pink









The Celine Box Bag is an iconic as well as smaller option ideal for taking the bare essentials wherever you go. Other options worth taking a look at include the Celine Frame and Celine Micro Luggage Tote.

The Classic Celine Box
The Celine Box is one of the most versatile cross body bags

Celine for Special Occasions

Nothing completes an evening look quite like the proper clutch—and Celine has those in spades. The label’s Frame Bag is an iconic rectangular structure that epitomizes city-chic. Available in various sizes, it’s ideal for nights you want to remember.







A real showstopper, the Celine Clasp Bag is minimalist piece with an ultra-refined structure that offers a throwback to the fashions of the 1950s. Timeless with a twist, this evening essential will undoubtedly garner some double takes from the fashion-savvy and those with an eye for design. Known for it’s alternative shape and unique aesthetic appeal, another look to consider would be the Bridge Lock Chunky Clutch.