Your Guide to Handbags

Do you know all the names for different handbag styles? Become a pro in no time with our “handy” Handbag Guide!

From the bucket bag, to the quilted bag, to the messenger bag, your handbag is no doubt a staple in your wardrobe.

It’s no wonder! How else are we supposed to carry our life around with us on a daily basis?

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Steal Her Style: 5 Ways To Dress Classic Like Kate Middleton This Summer

As Summer edges closer, we’re more tempted than ever to steal the Duchess of Cambridge’s classy, regal style!

Whether she’s wearing printed Gap pants, or walking the steps of Westminster Abbey in a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress, Kate Middleton has the most chic and sophisticated style.

Read on to get inspired by Kate’s flair for fashion!

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Pantsuits: For Work And Play

From the nine to five grind to cocktail hour, get all your fashion needs covered with the perfect pantsuit.

Historically, the pantsuit hasn’t always had such a good rep.

When your bad reputation precedes you, it’s often hard to make a comeback (hey, not everyone is like Britney Spears).

However, all it takes is for one person (often a celebrity) to do something to bring a fashion trend back to prominence.

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See The World Through Colored Glasses

Change your perspective with a fresh pair of tinted sunglasses, the hot new celebrity trend this Spring & Summer.

Going way, waaaay back to the 70’s, this tinted sunglasses trend has stood the test of time, and continues to come back in style, like some of our favorite trends tend to do.

Personally, if I had known that this trend would come back, I never would have thrown away my purple-lensed aviators.  But I digress…

Colored lenses aren’t new to the celebrity fashion circuit.

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Top 5 Must-Wear Easter Trends

A Touch of Yellow Set on Polyvore via Shop Under, featuring motty grey Chloe Faye bag

No need to search long and far for the best Spring outfit this Easter weekend.

Whether you’re going away or having a staycation, this Easter holiday marks the first long weekend of spring.

Finally, after a brutal winter, we can pack away our heavy coats and wear our bright and pastel colors!

Since you are all so incredibly excited for the much-needed break, I have prepared outfits for you. Who said life can’t be hassle free?

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Mismatched Shoes: The Height of Spring Fashion

There’s no doubt about it, Carrie Bradshaw was – and still is – a fashion icon.

Carrie’s metamorphosis into the leader of all fashionistas had some of the craziest, yet most stylish outfits in fashion during the run of the cult classic series on HBO.

In the Sex and the City episode in early 2000, Carrie rocked a look that was so subtle, and so chic, that it’s now back in style this season!

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