8 Hanukkah Gift Ideas for 2018

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

– H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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ICYMI, December is well underway, and you know what the means!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We’ve all heard that line before. For most of us, we’ve heard this seasonal song in the movies, or on the radio, or most likely blaring through a department store’s speakers. And while it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the song is about Christmas, there are actually lots of different holidays going on in December, which, if you think about it, makes the season much more wonderful than if it was just Christmas!

You just got to love Hanukkah celebrations!


One of the more widely known winter holidays is Hanukkah or Chanukkah, and in 2018 it begins on the evening of Sunday, December 2nd and lasts up to the evening of Monday, December 10th. That’s right, Hanukkah is 8 days long! And most people would agree that 8 days of holidays is nothing short of awesome!

So for all of you celebrating Hanukkah this year, here at ShopUnder, we decided to put together a list of 8 of our favorite items that you’re going to love. These are to help inspire you for this gift-giving season. Our list is located at the end, right after a brief explanation of the wonderful Hanukkah tradition.

How come Hanukkah is 8 days long anyways? In order to understand why this is, we have to look into a chapter from ancient Jewish history, circa 167 BCE, commonly known as the Maccabean Revolt.

The Second Temple where the first candle-lighting ceremony took place.

Without getting too much into the historical background of the holiday, what you need to know is that during this time period, Jerusalem was an embattled city, and the two opposing forces were the Jewish people who lived there, and a Greek empire that was left behind after Alexander the Great’s death, known as the Seleucid Empire.  

Despite fighting against a much larger force, the Jewish people prevailed and celebrated with a ceremony in their temple, historically known as the Second Temple. For this ceremony, candles needed to be lit, but as a result of the fighting, there was only enough oil in the temple to last for one evening. Remember, this is a time way before the invention of electricity, so if there’s no oil, everything would have been dark.

Through a miracle, that small amount of oil that was expected only to burn for a single day burned for eight days, which was enough time for new oil to be created. The Jewish people saw this as a blessing, and this, in turn, inspired the modern tradition of Hanukkah, a holiday that lasts 8 days.

A stylized international menorah. Anyone can celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah.

Instead of a Christmas tree, what you would find instead in most Jewish homes will be a special kind of candelabra, called a Menorah. Each night during Hanukkah, one candle on the Menorah is lit, to both commemorate the miracle that occurred over two thousand years ago and to celebrate happy times spent with families and loves ones.

No celebration of Hanukkah is complete without a memorable menorah-lighting ceremony — that and, of course, eating lots and lots of latkes.

Traditionally, some Jewish families give their children a small gift each night of Hanukkah. And while we here at ShopUnder would be overjoyed if you bought each of our 8 luxury fashion gift suggestions, don’t feel obliged. After all, they’re not exactly “small” gifts. But if you did want to spoil that special someone in your life, then go on right ahead and have yourself a happy Hanukkah.


  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Round Sunglasses

Make a lasting statement with these stunning SF719S round sunglasses from Salvatore Ferragamo. These full-rimmed beauties showcase a translucent Havana brown acetate inside gold-toned metal rims that also double as the bridge. The edges of the acetate sides have been flattened to show a cut out at the temples. 

2. Tissot Tradition Chronograph Stainless Steel Black Dial Men’s Watch

With this Swiss-made Tradition chronograph watch, Tissot has created a watch that combines utmost quality with style, sophistication and a touch of nostalgia. This retro-inspired Tissot watch for men features a silver-toned stainless steel case …







3. Alexander McQueen Small Black Leather Box Purse

There’s nothing quite like croc-embossed leather that subtly screams sheer luxury. From famed British fashion house Alexander McQueen, from their Box Bag 19 line, this purse has been crafted entirely out of black leather with a gorgeous croc pattern that’s perfect for a night out on the town or to accompany you to and from daily meetings.

4. Fendi Medium Dark Blue Kan I

This cute little handbag from Fendi is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Crafted using midnight blue colored calfskin leather, the flap and handle are adorned with blue, cream and coral colored whipstitch leather ribbons, resulting in an irresistibly elegant effect.







5. Versace Backpack Rock ‘N’ Royalty Applique

Add a little swagger to your stride while rocking this velvet backpack from Versace. Plush red velvet makes up the entirety of the construction of the bag with black leather accents throughout. Beaming royalty, a gold, white and red crown has been fixed to the middle of the front pocket, adding a touch of opulence and richness.

6. Harley-Davidson Jacket for Women

This Harley-Davidson Women’s Black Leather Jacket Model 98022-12VW is constructed from light-weight leather with poly-satin lining.







7. Moncler Torcol Dark Blue Winter Jack for Women

Looking for a stylish and warm jacket that won’t make you feel like you’re wearing something heavy? Then look no further, because this Torcol lightweight doudoune (parka) fits that bill perfectly. From Moncler, an Italian lifestyle brand founded in 1952, is world renowned for its down jackets, just like this one! This jacket, in particular, has been constructed using a matte navy blue nylon fabric, and it’s filled with a down and feather blend that’s guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

8.  Versace Bomber Jacket For Men

There’s nothing wrong with looking blue this winter, and if you doubt that, then just direct your peepers on this gorgeous blue bomber jacket that’s guaranteed to keep you warm in the upcoming cold season! This piumino, Italian for a padded quilted jacket, or a bomber as it’s known in other parts of the world, is from Italy’s most famous luxury designer Versace.

There you have it, dear readers. ShopUnder’s 8 luxury fashion gift suggestions for Hanukkah. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog, this time we’ll be coming up with a list for all 12 days of Christmas. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for more upcoming news and events.